INcubesdemoday109The INcubes Funnel Program is an early-stage program for entrepreneurs / companies with powerful ideas that are premature for the Acceleration Program. It is designed around core product and business deliverables, which upon completion graduate the company into the Acceleration Program. Time to completion is flexible since companies enter acceleration on a rolling basis.

The Funnel Program allows both the entrepreneurs and the INcubes team to assess the company’s readiness for acceleration, thus increasing the success rate of acceleration and the likelihood of raising capital and continuing to onboard paying customers.

While the Funnel Program is mainly a selection program before acceleration, any company which will not graduate into acceleration will greatly benefit from participation. Among the support and resources available for Funnel companies:

  • Office Hours with select Mentors and Management.
  • Workshops and events
  • Access to a select INcubes partners
  • Flexible office space
  • Boardroom and meeting room access
  • Unlimited internet access
  • Access to complementary legal support
  • Complementary and/or discounted bookkeeping, accounting, sales and marketing, branding, human resources and other advisory services support
  • Access to preferred provider rates for additional services

Financial commitment:

Administrative fee as well as 3% in equity. Companies accepted into a the Acceleration Program, will commit an additional 4.5% equity.


As INcubes moves to a rolling model there is no set schedule anymore; applications are received year-round, allowing for maximum attention, customized curriculum, and optimal timing for each one of the accepted companies.