Tim comes from academia to start-ups — in what seems like a previous life he completed a Master’s in Mathematics, a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence, Lectured at the University of Toronto, and then left a PhD for start-ups.  Since leaving he’s been a mobile developer at Halogen (now Kinetic Cafe), a CTO at Pilot (sold to Shopify), a VP Technology at Digital Retail Apps, and a VP Mobile Technology at Wutzwhat.  He has a wealth of experience at managing technology in small companies with extremely limited resources and has seen, implemented, and improved a variety of practices.  In all his roles, he’s written some amount of code: from as little as 10% of the position to as high as 80%.  He owns/manages Canada 860180 Corporation for all his contract work — delivering a variety of projects across full-stack web and mobile development.

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