Our portfolio companies were chosen based on strong market fit, high product/business valuation and optimal team dynamics. Then, they had their technology and business models put through a rigorous qualification curriculum by mentors and industry experts. During the acceleration term, one of INcubes’ roles is to act as a due-diligence partner for you, thus we structure our portfolio companies for your investment.

Investing in emerging internet technology companies is a high risk high return investment. With our selection and acceleration process we eliminate much of that risk, and as the premiere Canadian acceleration program we represent some of the most innovative and outside-the-box internet startups.



Boosting the Local Economy

According to industry estimates, each incubated startup in Canada creates on average 6.2 new jobs in the long run.

INcubes as Your Partner
In INcubes we are a supporting partner in our portfolio companies through 7.5% equity. This creates our vested and reliable interest to see the companies we graduate succeed. Our large network of resources is always open to our graduates and their investing partners and we have ongoing alumni events.