What is INcubes?

INcubes is a Toronto based accelerator that teams up with emerging entrepreneurs and talented startups to create solid businesses out of innovative products and ideas. INcubes’ international network has attracted mentors and investors from across many countries including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With its two flagship programs, the Funnel Program and the Acceleration Program, INcubes connects with the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, those with goals of turning into international success stories.

Why is your program split into Funnel and Accelerator?

• 3 months of acceleration are rarely enough to get a company “investment ready”. By going through the Funnel Program first, we make sure that our accelerated companies are ready to be introduced to our investor and partnership network.

• Our past experience reveals that companies that seem very promising at the beginning sometimes fail to deliver – it takes some time to see the actual commitment, since most companies appear very committed early on but splinter away through the process.

• When we put our resources out for the companies and connect them with mentors and investors, we want to be sure that the companies can take full advantage of the opportunity.

How long is the Funnel program?

The Funnel Program can be a few weeks or a few months; depends how long it takes you to accomplish the deliverables set for you in the roadmap. The maximum allowed is 5 months.

Does every company accepted into the Funnel eventually graduate into the Accelerator?

No. The Funnel program is a selective process, only companies that prove themselves during the funnel period graduate into the accelerator. A company that is not accepted to the Accelerator program within 5 months would leave INcubes.

What happens if my company doesn’t get into the accelerator?

You will remain part of our network and we would love to help you take your company forward. You can take a few months to work on your own and then apply for acceleration again.

What kind of companies are a good fit for INcubes?

• Technology oriented companies

• Have the potential for national and international reach

• Working on an innovative, game changing idea

• Strong, motivated team (individuals are also accepted)

• Willing to learn

What do you get at INcubes?

Funnel program:

• Awesome downtown Toronto office space

• Board room and meeting room access

• Wi-Fi, kitchen, etc.

• In house executives with vast business and startup experience

• Advisory services support

• General administrative support

Accelerator program:

• Awesome downtown Toronto office space

• Board room and meeting room access

• Wi-Fi, kitchen, etc.

• In house executives with vast business and startup experience

• Advisory services support

• General administrative support

• Fast track financing (loan) of $15k through CYBF

• Grants provided to companies that meet the appropriate criteria (E.g. CMF funded companies receive a $30K grant upon acceptance in the accelerator)

• Help applying to government grants and loans

• Ongoing Investor Relations to facilitate current and future investment

• Access and introductions to individual and networks of Angel investors

• Access and introductions to Canadian, US and international VCs

• A commitment to help companies identify, connect with and secure customers

• Access to our network of over a 100 mentors

• Access to 2000+ high-level personal networks of our Management Team that include investors, potential customers, service providers, and other stakeholders

• Exclusive and discounted access to events relevant to our portfolio companies

• Startup perks totalling above $15,000, such as free hosting, free CRM, legal and accounting advice, and more

• Access to complementary legal support

• Complementary and/or discounted bookkeeping, accounting, sales and marketing, branding, human resources and other advisory services support.

• Access to preferred provider rates for additional services

• Complementary PR and marketing campaign support associated with the Company’s acceleration term

And more…

Does INcubes take equity?

Yes. 1.75% for the funnel program, and then an additional 5.75% if accepted to the Accelerator program (Totalling 7.5%).

How is INcubes different from other accelerators?

• Incubes has an in-house executive team consisting of business savvy entrepreneurs. This is not always the case in an accelerator / incubator.

• A truly international network: doesn’t matter if you are visiting London, Silicon Valley, Paris, Tel Aviv, or another overseas location – INcubes’ international network provides you with free office space and can help introduce you to local contacts.

• Our large network of investors trusts us to create strong companies – when you are ready to pitch to investors, INcubes can get your foot in the door in no time.

Where and when is the program?

We are located at 70 Peter st, downtown Toronto, in the heart of the entertainment district, and a short walk from the financial district.

We accept applications year round, since we operate on a rolling model and not on a cohort model.

Does INcubes provide cash?

The simple answer is no, but you may qualify for grants through the INcubes partnership program.

At INcubes we believe in creating strong companies with solid business foundations. This is rarely achieved by “throwing” cash at a company. At INcubes we create fundable companies, so when they approach investors, they are ready to scale.

What are some success stories out of INcubes up to date?

• In December 2013, our graduate Hovr.it was acquired by Slyce. This is one of only a couple of exits coming out of accelerators in the Canadian tech space.

• INcubes was recognized as 1 of the 7 leading accelerators in the Canadian venture space

What does it cost to join INcubes?

For the companies accepted to the Funnel program, there is a monthly fee of $360 per company (up to 3 team members), which covers some of the space expenses. This sum is more than anything a show of commitment from the company; once accepted into the accelerator, the monthly fee is waived.

How does INcubes help companies get funded?

One of INcubes’ strengths is its investor network – perhaps the widest network of investors among Canadian accelerators. Once a company is ready to meet investors, the INcubes team makes the relevant intros and prepares the team for the meetings.

Do you accept founders who come from outside Canada?

We accept founders from out of Canada, however keep in mind that:

• You will have to relocate to Toronto at your own expense.

• Many government grants are open to Canadian companies only, you will have to incorporate in Canada

Can I attend the program remotely?

No. We expect companies to work full time, or almost full time, from our space.

How do I apply?

Go to our apply page.