INcubesDemoDay479The INcubes Acceleration Program is a highly-focused, hands-on, intensive program designed to help companies engage customers and investors early and effectively. INcubes guides its startups through a customized curriculum of due-diligence deliverables with a process and culture that is very different from other accelerators. INcubes operates with a proven structure that creates investable companies, and is known and respected by the global investment community for creating valuable opportunities.


Upon entering the acceleration term, INcubes Startups are fast tracked to receive $15,000 from CYBF as a loan. INcubes becomes a partner of the accelerated company, receiving 7.5% in equity. As a partner, INcubes supports the company in the shared goal of creating long-term success, and assists with investor relations, strategic partnerships, alumni collaboration, and ongoing mentorship.


As INcubes moves to a rolling model there is no set schedule anymore; applications are received year-round, allowing for maximum attention, customized curriculum, and optimal timing for each one of the accepted companies.